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RIC 2023 Edition at Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD).

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From 8th to 10th July 2022, we attended the international conference as exhibitors at RCMRD where the theme of this year’s Conference was “NEXT LEVEL: Space to Community“.

With the theme being space to community, using the GNSS system we demonstrated on how you can conduct data collection using various RTK Systems for both GIS and Land Surveying work. We showcased on RTK Configurations using MUYA CORS Network and the new emerging RTK Systems such as the Gintec G40 RTK that uses AR Survey(Augmented Reality) for staking out.

Different machines being displayed both Base Rover systems and Network Rover using CORS technology included the MUYA M9 Network Rover, P8 GNSS tablet, TokNav T10 Pro Base Rover system, Gintec G40 Base Rover system and the N3 Base Rover system.

NOTE: All the Base Rover systems can also be used to work with CORS.

Get to learn more on our CORS network through the following link: https://measurementsystems.org/service/cors-corrections-services/

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